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After you make booking we would connect you with service provider who would quote you the estimate based on your needs.

Book the Top Car Repair and Services Near Me From HumToHaiNa

If your car needs repair or servicing and you're looking for car service centres in Patna or other areas of Bihar, you've landed at the right place.

At HumToHaiNa, we understand that visiting car repair shops and service centres for car maintenance is daunting, and therefore offer reliable doorstep car service. You can now avail yourself of services like the best car repair shops in Bihar without leaving your home.

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Experience Doorstep Car Service and Repairs at HumToHaiNa

HumToHaiNa offers a broad range of car services and ensures your car remains in top-notch condition, saving time and effort. 

Scheduled Car Maintenance Service

For the proper functioning and longevity of your vehicle, scheduling timely maintenance is necessary. There are many car service centres in Bihar that offer maintenance services. However, visiting these centres might take time and, at times, are daunting. If you schedule routine car maintenance services from HumToHaiNa, our technician will visit the specific location and perform the required task like filtering replacements, fluid checks etc., for the maintenance of your car.

General Repairs and Replacement Services

Whether your car needs brake pad replacement, fixing of a malfunctioning air conditioning system or any other repairs, our technicians can identify the issue with your car and diagnose problems effectively by conducting electrical tests or interpreting diagnostic codes. 

Hence, stop looking for a luxury car service centre near me or the best car service centre in Bihar and book an appointment with HumToHaiNa.


Explore the Factors that Position HumToHaiNa's Car Repair and Service as Bihar's Ultimate Choice

Availing the facility of the best car repair shops in Bihar without the trouble of visiting there is possible with HumToHaiNa. We are passionate about vehicles, and hence, you can rely on us for the best mechanic for cars in Patna or anywhere else in Bihar due to the following reasons :

  1. Experienced Automotive Technicians: Our technicians have the expertise and are experienced in repairing cars and their maintenance. They are certified and updated with the latest trends in automotive technology, which aids them in handling and repairing any car model.
  2. Broad Range of Services: HumToHaiNa offers multiple car repair and maintenance services, so you don't have to go to any other place for any particular service. Whether it is getting your car AC done, routine oil changes, complex engine repairs or electrical diagnostics, we have got you covered. You need not look for the best car service centres near me to avail of any of these services.
  3. Hassle-Free and Efficient Service: We understand the value of your time and therefore focus on providing our customers with efficient car repair services. By booking our appointment, you can save energy and time wasted visiting the car service centres or car repair shops in Bihar. 
  4. Quality Work: HumToHaiNa's technicians are certified and updated with the latest techniques to ensure customer satisfaction. We use standard and high-quality tools and equipment that guarantee the quality of our service. We consult with our customers from time to time to know their requirements and preferences and offer customised solutions when required.
  5. Affordable Pricing: Our competitive pricing ensures that car repairs do not become a financial burden on you and offer solutions without doing away with quality. You will receive an estimate in the beginning, which will help you avoid any extra costs. We offer various packages and discounts occasionally, which our clients can benefit from.
  6. Easy Online Booking: Booking an appointment for a car repair service online is easier using our system. Quickly and easily schedule the top car repair and services via phone or email.
  7. Customer Oriented Service: Customer satisfaction is one of our basic concerns. HumToHaiNa's car repair team is easily accessible so that you can book the best services online anytime. Our technician listens to your requirements and other concerns and accordingly delivers the service.


How to Book HumToHaiNa's Best Car Repair and Services in Bihar?

Here are the steps you must follow to book the top car repair and maintenance services for any car-related issues quickly and easily:

  • Visit the website of HumToHaiNa or download the app to book an appointment. 

  • Proceed to the payment section, and choose the offline or online payment method, i.e.through Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card etc.

  • Our team of technicians will reach the allotted location at the scheduled time to perform their tasks.

HumToHaiNa is a reliable and affordable team for the top car repair and services in Patna or other areas of Bihar. We offer several other home services in one place, making your life comfortable. You can easily book us to repair your bikes or cars in Bihar. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Car Repair and Services

Q.Why is a car service important?

Ans:Car service is important to ensure the smooth running of your cars, which assures your safety. Servicing extends the machine's life. At HumToHaiNa, we offer the best routine maintenance service.

Q.How often should car service be done?

Ans:The frequency of car servicing depends on the car manufacturer and the car model. Most of them recommend a time interval of 6 months to one year; it also depends on kilometre duration.

Q.What are the servicing intervals?

Ans:Servicing intervals is a term used to describe the frequency or interval in which servicing of a vehicle must be done. It differs on the vehicle model, and kilometres travelled.

Q.After how many kilometres should one change the engine oil of cars?

Ans:Although kilometres vary according to the vehicle model and many other factors, most of the technicians state that it is best to change the engine oil of cars at the interval of 11,000 or 15,000 km.


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